1.1 Experimental results

Italian Firefighters training session with ARIANNA localisation system (2014)

ARIANNA-FLOOR (with map-matching): tracking of a customer in a small mall.

ARIANNA-MAP interactive visualisation tool
Support of panoramic images ARIANNA-MAP puts in context all the data collected during the mission, including 3D (panoramic images) for a more immersive enhancement of the situational awareness.

ARIANNA-MAP interactive visualisation tool 3D-visualisation ARIANNA-MAP comes with a powerful 3D visualisation mode, managing multiple providers, buildings transparency, insertion of CAD customisable objects, complete view camera control (elevation, rotation, zoom), playback function of the whole

ARIANNA: a 22 minutes long demonstration with typical movements of the firefighters in indoor scenarios: walking, crawling, sweeping foot, climb over a window (2018).
Remark: the video is purposely not time accelerated, so to precisely follow match between the human behaviour and the
ARIANNA estimated position

ARIANNA-CTX (with Contextual Processing): On-field training with the Italian Firefighters: exploration of an unknown underground cave, with a twofold objective:
1) track and locate the personnel during the exploration;
2) obtain a geo-referenced map of the unknown underground cave.

Figure 1 Caption to be used “Track obtained with tools of ARIANNA competitors”

ARIANNA-MAP interactive visualisation tool
Gallery of assets ARIANNA-MAP manages in real-time and in post-mission analysis mode, all the on-field collected data: images, videos

Figure 4 Caption to be used “Gallery of assets in ARIANNA-MAP”

ARIANNA-FLOOR (with map-matching): tracking of a whole working day of a safeguard in a large mall: 6 hours long tracking, 6 km walked.

ARIANNA-MAP interactive visualisation tool
On-line track adjustment ARIANNA-MAP embeds powerful manual track adjustment
tools, that can be operated both in real-time and in postprocessing. The attached video shows the whole track adjustment as post-mission analysis tool.

voice notes, data from sensors (temperature, chemical pollutants, radiations). This feature boosts the situational awareness and enables new operational paradigms, unavailable beforehand

ARIANNA-MAP interactive visualisation tool Multi-map providers ARIANNA-MAP embeds the management of multiple providers of maps, ranging from Google satellite to Bing composite. The map better suited for the application can be selected and changed in real time, with no need to be pre-selected. No internet connection is needed for have the maps selection during the operation in remote areas, with no data link or WiFi available.

1.2 News

2016, April 10 – 11
ARIANNA ranked 1st at the MICROSOFT Indoor Localisation Competition in Vienna The Microsoft Indoor Localisation Competition is a worldwide competition among the most advanced and performing technologies for localisation and tracking in GPS-denied environments.
DUNE participated to the 2016 edition, held in Vienna (Austria), in the 2D category with its ARIANNA system.
Despite the challenging competition ARIANNA was the most performing system, providing a 0.75 m RMS error over all the landmark points distributed in the test area.

Figure 5: Caption to be used “Result of the Microsoft Indoor Localisation Competition 2016”

2017, October, 8-12
ARIANNA by DUNE is at the GITEX 2018 International Exhibition in Dubai (United Arab Emirates) DUNE has been selected by the Overseas Trade Fair of the European Commission to participate as exhibitor sponsored by the European Commission to the GITEX in Dubai, the world’s fastest
growing tech-hub. DUNE showed its ARIANNA tracking system, attracting the
interest of many stakeholders belonging to both homeland security and defense areas.
GITEX is #1 Tech Event in Asia, Middle East & Africa, with over 100.000 visitors, key players from government, decision makers,
corporate buyers, innovators and futurists.

Figure 8: Caption to be used “ARIANNA at the GITEX (Dubai) in 2017”

2018, June, 15
PROTECT project (ARIANNA offspring) interview on the “Il Sole 24 Ore” business and financial newspaper The top-rated business and financial newspaper “Il Sole 24 Ore” published an article on its magazine “Nova” on the excellent Italian scoring at the “SME Instrument-Pahse 2” latest cutoff.
DUNE has been interviewed as a winner of the SME Instrument, with its PROTECT project. The full article can be accessed here
and the DUNE profile within the article can be found here. (Both articles are in Italian)

Figure 11

2016, November, 8
ARIANNA in the winning team of the SMART@FIRE preprocurement project for Firefighters SMART@FIRE has been the most important pre-procurement project supported by the European Commission for new protective systems for Firefighters.
DUNE, member of the team participating to the SMART@FIRE competition (Applycon, Elitronic, Holik International, Vochoc,
University of West Bohemia, Dune), was in charge of the tracking and localisation system. The final on-field test was held on Nov. 8, 2016 at Aix-en-Provence (FR) and the Evaluation Committee concluded that the system met the requirements of the PCP tender and that looked very near to commercialization. (Photo taken during the final tests). The final presentation of the developed system is here

Figure 6: Caption to be used “Final test-day of the SMART@FIRE project ”

2017, November, 30
DUNE interviewed by the European Assistance For Innovation Procurement about ARIANNA
ARIANNA has been a key element for the success of winning team of the SMART@FIRE pre-procurement project of the European Commission for new equipment for the Firefighters. The Eafip (European Assistance For Innovation Procurement) selected DUNE as representative of the winning consortium
(Applycon, Elitronic, Holik International, Vochoc, University of West Bohemia, Dune) to explain the key role of ARIANNA in the
pre-procurement competition of SMART@FIRE. The full interview can be seen on the Eafip channel.

Figure 9: Caption to be used “Interview about ARIANNA involvement in SMART@FIRE project”

2018, November 14 – December 14
DUNE-BIACD cooperation on inertial tracking (lectures and experiments)
In the frame of the cooperation contract between DUNE and the Beijing Institute of Aerospace Control Devices (BIACD), DUNE
has been one month in China to hold a series of lectures and onfield experiments on the inertial navigation and tracking.
The DUNE CTO, Enrico de Marinis, is in the picture, at the tea ceremony, with the Institute Director Ming Yang and the responsible of the foreign affairs Yating Zhang. The experiments, performed with the BIACD own devices, have been greatly appreciated by BIACD, systematically achieving errors below 0.3% of the walked distance, with all the tested devices.

Figure 12

2017, September, 25
Signed a Joint Cooperation agreement with BIACD (Beijing Institute of Aerospace Control Devices) DUNE has signed an important agreement with the BIACD (Beijing Institute of Aerospace Control Devices), the most important Institute of CASC (China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation) about a joint development and knowledge transfer on tracking devices for GPS-denied environments.
The cooperation will deal with IMU units manufactured by BIACD, embedding a subset of proprietary algorithms by DUNE.
This agreement comes after a number of successful on-field tests of ARIANNA, performed in Beijing in September 2017.

Figure 7: Caption to be used “MoU signature with BIACD”

2018, April, 1-8
ARIANNA by DUNE is at the FIDAE 2018 International Exhibition in Santiago del Chile
DUNE has been selected by the Overseas Trade Fair (SME Instrument) to participate as exhibitor sponsored by the European
Commission to the FIDAE 2018 in Santiago del Chile. DUNE showed its ARIANNA tracking system, attracting the interest of many stakeholders belonging to both homeland security and defense areas.
The 20th Air and Space Fair (Fidae), the most important aviation and defense/security event in Latin America, with a participation of more than 50 exhibitors and more than 120,000 attendees

Figure 10: Caption to be used “ARIANNA at the FIDAE (Santiago) in 2018”

2018, December, 1
PROTECT project started The PROTECT project, granted by the European Commission under the H2020 SME-Instrument -Phase 2 initiative, has officially started. PROTECT will support the international marketing plan of the ARIANNA system. Good luck, PROTECT!

Figure 13