PROTECT objectives

The major goals of the PROTECT project are:


Collect the operational requirements and doctrines coming from the key practitioners, stakeholders and end-users of the system (e.g. firefighters, law enforcement units, inspectors), both for the on-field operations and training;


Scale-up of the ARIANNA system, to meet the widespread set of requirements and operational
modes coming from a large arena of practitioners;


Carry out on-field demonstrations of the system, in operationally realistic scenarios.

By analysing the information provided by the stakeholders and practitioners about their requirements,
PROTECT will be able to elaborate a scale-up of the geo-localisation system capable of meeting them in a
cost-effective way. Beside this primary task, the direct and active involvement of the stakeholders and
practitioners in on-field trials will provide an objective measure of the system performance and therefore
its operational suitability.

PROTECT project will save lives, valuable assets and boost the effectiveness of operations during
emergencies and risky scenarios.

More information about PROTECT can be found at the EASME data hub

More information about the ARIANNA tracking system is available at: