What is PROTECT?

The PROTECT project is the scale-up and on-field demonstration of the ARIANNA pedestrian tracking and
localisation system. ARIANNA is the offspring of 6 years of research and development of DUNE srl in the
field of pedestrian localisation and tracking in GPS-denied environments (indoor, underground and tactical
scenarios in which GPS is intentionally jammed). The system doesn’t need the deployment of location-
aiding infrastructures and has been specifically designed to locate and track first responders (firefighters,
law enforcement units) in unknown environments. ARIANNA is much more than just “localisation” without
GPS: the whole system enables a new and unprecedented level of situational awareness, where location of
a squad, health status, sensor data, images, videos, voice commends are put into a unique context,
enabling a new level of knowledge of the ground-truth, so to dispatch proper, timely and accurate orders.
The PROTECT project is co-funded by the European Commission under the SME-Instrument-Phase-2
(project number 820867).